Pay homage to the fromage!

Love cheese

If you love cheese you’re in the right place. We are Stinky Vintage - your mobile food loving loons, travelling the beautiful landscape of Yorkshire & Lincolnshire bringing you the ultimate in gourmet cheesy delights. Bubbled, crumbled, melted... however you like it; it’s likely we will be serving it at a festival near you soon!

We think cheese is best served melted between two pieces of toast. Some call this a cheese grill, others a cheese toasty; we call it heaven. But it doesn’t stop there. Have you ever really thought about just how versatile cheese is...from good old cheese and biscuits, macaroni cheese, fondue, cauliflower cheese...a cake made of cheese! And that’s just a soupcon of the savoury selection. How about honeycombe cheesecake, mascarpone and chocolate brownies, or mascarpone and mars bar melted in brioche bread...anything taking your fancy? 

Betsy signage

Roaming Yorkshire and beyond........

We love North Yorkshire – North Yorshire is our home, but because we love to share, we’ll also be bringing our cheese toasties and other assorted cheese treats to events across all of Yorkshire and back to our home town in Lincolnshire. Hitting festivals, food markets and all manner of foodie events, we’ll be bringing our unique and delicious products to a town near you thanks to Betsy.

Beautiful Betsy is our original 1964 vintage Constructam Condor - I’m sure you’ll agree she’s a fine specimen; her curvy features and glowing complexion create a stir wherever she goes. We would say keep an eye out for her roaming around, but you can't really miss her!

Our ethos

Love thy cheese, love thy neighbour! Cheese makes us happy, and we want to make you happy by serving up the ultimate cheesy treats using quality, locally sourced ingredients. Plastic cheese slices need not apply!

We are big on buying local...and why on earth wouldn't we be?! Have you tried the array of tasty treats conjured up right here in Yorkshire; there is some goooood shizz! We have some of the best cheese makers in the country; probably the world. We have bakers to be reckoned with, award winning ales and organic veg that's as fresh as a daisy; why would we look elsewhere? 

All of our cheesy treats are home baked using local, seasonal produce. Our delicious chutneys & pickles are made by Puckett's Pickles and when we get chance we even make some of our cheese. Our menu is a cheesy feast and Betsy is a mobile beast; that means we can bring the ultimate seasonal menu direct to any event.

As well as loving our neighbours we love our planet. All of our packaging is recycled and biodegradable, food waste is composted, we buy local where possible; basically we quite like being "do gooders" and always ensure we act as sustainably as possible. 

Spreading the cheesy love
Ham Haystack