Cheese making course

The Stinky Signature Blend

Stinky Vintage is the product of two people's dream...and love of cheese. We're all about making delicious food out of cheese and coming up with new and creative recipes to tantilise your taste buds. We're no dairy, we don't even have a cow, but if we're dedicating our life to cheese we thought we should really understand how cheese is made...cue The Shebear Cheese company, artisan cheese maker supremo! 

In November we embarked on the semi soft cheese making course courtesy of Sarah and Chris, and what a wonderful insightful day it was. There is definitely more to cheese making than meets the eye. Although it's a relatively simple process my oh my do you have to be exact. It's a long old process and you have to maintain an exact temperature throughout. And the stirring, endless stirring; great for those bingo wings. Then there's lifting all those litres of milk, it definitely builds the biceps...who needs a gym? (us after eating the produce of our efforts!)    

We're not going to tell you all the secrets of an artisan cheese maker but it definiely showed us just how much goes into making a good cheese. What shocked us the most was the amount of (high quality) milk you need to make a few hundred grams of cheese...crazy! The more the day went on the more we realised making and looking after cheese was like looking after a baby!! Everything has to be sterile, it needs a constant attention, it needs nurturing, and it takes a while until it has matured and you can really enjoy it.

During our cheese making experience we made Rupert's choice, (now renamed Stinky's choice) similar to mozerella but much more flavoursome. We also created a delicious feta and on top of that we enjoyed a fantastic lunch whipped up by Sarah and Chris including salmon, salad, homemade bread and the most fabulous dips followed by a cheeseboard, of course, and washed down with a few glasses of wine - perfect.

Our cheese is currently maturing and will be cracked open on New Years Eve to celebrate the arrival of 2016 - the year where Stinky Vintage goes full stink ahead!

If you fancy a great day out creating your own cheesy masterpiece visit Shebbear Cheese and if you want to try our cheese make sure you come and see us soon.


Milky Milky
Jo stirring
Bingo Wing Workout
Far Stirring
Breaking down the curds
Separating the whey
Molding the cheese
Eating the cheese...tbc