Betsy gets a makeover

Twit Twoo

Twit twoooo, check out Betsy's new look. She's been stripped down, scrubbed, sanded, nut & bolted, sprayed, wrapped, polished and buffed to perfection. My oh my it has been a long journey and taken some hard slog but she's come a long way from a rusty tin can to wham bam now that's a caravan! As they say in Holywood - she's had 'the works' all the nip, tucks, sucks and whatever else those crazy people do!! In our terms she's had a new axle, new interior, new windows and a spankin' new paint job.


Under the bonnet

So enough about the aesthetics, under the bonnet there is a whole heap of gggrrrrrr. Betsy may not have a purring engine but she does have a good meaty griddle...oh yes, that bad boy can take eight toasties at one time and melt them in minutes. And if we're talking big equipment, she boasts a beast of a pie warmer, keeping the temperature hot and the middles warm and gooey.

And what about her sexy new drawers...they've been custom-made to provide easy access to a whole heap of scrumptious ingredients; plentiful and shiney new!

So, we hope you agree she's scrubbed up pretty well and been worth all the work. She's now roaming around the Devon countryside making appearances at food markets and festivals so come and say hello and check her out in the flesh. Betsy is available to hire for private events, so if you want to put some panache into your party, some vibrance into your event and some cheese between your bread, then 'say cheese' and get in touch.

Betsy's Journey