cheese munchies

A festival of cheese

Mud, wellies, tents, music and some good tucker...what more do you need?

We love a good festival, whether a food festival, beer festival, craft festival or music festival. What better way to spend a sunny day than chilling on a picnic blanket, listening to some music, beer in hand, chowing down on a fresh cheesy treat! Or, more likely in better to end a night of partying in the mud than to kick off your wellies and stuff your chops with a delicious toasty; the perfect hangover prevention. Check out grubs up to see our selection of gourmet cheesy delights.

We’re always roaming Yorkshire and Lincolnshire with Betsy in tow so keep an eye out for the yellow cheese queen (if you ever play yellow car she's worth 50 points!) as i’m sure we’ll be appearing at an event near you soon.  

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Bring on the sunshine