chow down
This is the serious part people
Mexican wrap

We’re going to get all serious now, well’s time to talk food, the best bit.

Cheese is so versatile, that’s why it’s ideal for our mobile food business. And if you think we’re just about the savoury think again! For those of you partial to the good old sugar rush we have plenty to tantalise those taste buds.

We will be continually tweaking our menu to serve what you, our customers, want. That means we’re always open to suggestions, drop us a line with your ideas or speak to us at an event and we’ll give it a try. 

Below is a sample of our cheesy delights, all made freshly, all homemade by us. If you see something that tickles your fancy check out our blog, we’re not precious, we’ll share our recipes with you.

Embrace the stink

More Cheese Than You Can Shake A Stick At

Hot Griddled Toasties 

Fun Guy Fromage: Mini portabella mushrooms, Emmental and homemade cheese sauce

Top Dawg: Proper meaty sausage, red leicester, gherkins, mustard, ketchup, & onions

Morning Glory: Sauage, bacon, mushrooms, cheddar and HP

Allo Allo: Port Salut, Dijon mustard, creamy bechamel sauce & salami

The Stink: Stilton, crunchy walnuts, peppery rocket with plum & pear chutney

The Stallion: Cheddar and mozzarella mix with piquant peppadews, artichoke & fresh pesto

Pig Pong: Brie, bacon and sweet chilli jam

The Big Mac: Mac cheese and mozzerella

Come on Bear: Camembert with pear and plum chutney

Muchos Meato: Spicy chorizo, cheddar and mozzerella 

Billy Goat Gruff: Peppered goats cheese cream & fig chutney

Stinky Gringo: Jalepeno cheddar, spicy salsa, sour cream, fiery jalepenos, mexican beans in a griddled wrap served with tortillas

How Mush Ham? Ham, mushroom, Gouda and mozzerella in a griddled wrap

Cheesus & Mary: Cheddar, worcester, tobasco and passatta

Little Stinkers: For the little people - Cheddar and mozzarella mix with ham, ketchup or marmite.



Home Baked Delights

Warm cheese straws - extra cheesy straws of joy served with a choice of pesto or sweet chilli jam for dipping...mmmm.

Mac cheese muffins - macaroni, cheese, chilli jam all wrapped up in a muffin and served warm, muffmazing!

Pigs in duvets - Sausage and Parmesan rolls served warm and flakey!

Mozerella, parmesan and pesto muffins - fluffy and flavoursome served warm

Savoury cream (no) tea - cheese scone served with lashings of mascarpone and sweet chilli jam

Stinky ploughmans - warm cheee scone served with slices of cheddar, a pot of chutney and salad garnish

Parmesan shortbreads - crumbly bite size bits of cheesy heaven

Cheese palmiers - a seletction of puff pastry treats. Stilton & thyme, parmesan & parma ham, cheddar, parmesan & anchovy


Sweet Treats toasted in a brioche bun

Banoffee Bun: Banana, mascarpone, crumbled digestives & toffee sauce

Figgy Pudding: Mascarpone, fig & honey

Sweet Cheesus: Mascarpone & a melted chocolate bar of your choice – mars, snickers, or Cadbury’s caramel

nom nom nom
cheese toasty