Original Betsy

Once upon a time

There was a caravan named Betsy; born in 1964 she was knocking on a bit, but still full of character and life. Some may say she was a little run down and rough round the edges, but all she really needed was some good old TLC.  

In a land not so far away, there were two friends named Farah and Jo. Slaving away day after day in their ordinary jobs, everything was fine but they just couldn’t help thinking...“there must be more to life.” Farah and Jo weren’t getting any younger, so rather than letting life pass them by they decided to get out there and find something new to love.

This was when Farah and Jo met Betsy...and so our story begins! 

how it all began
FInal Betsy

The story starts here

Finding Betsy was the easy part. We fell in love with Betsy from the very first photo, and after our visit to see her in the ‘shell’, we knew she was the one for us. Beautifying her to perfection was a long journey, she certainly had the full axle, floor, windows, paint job, and new fancy clothes deisgned by graphic design gurus Clevera, and applied by signwriter supremos GK Signs. Throughout the renovation the most important thing was maintaining Betsy's original appeal whilst giving her a new lease of life. It's taken some time but she was definitely worth the wait.

So, the hard part...what to use her for? As big lovers of food there were so many options, but we knew we wanted something unique. It had to be versatile, it had to be popular, and most of all it had to be damn tasty. It had to be cheese!

Pay homage to the fromage

Ah the noble cow, or her little sister the goat – producers of the humblest of daily essentials; milk. Through the miracle of science (and quite a bit of experience), our friend milk becomes transformed into its much more mature brother cheese.

What can’t you do with cheese? The opportunities are endless: cheese on toast, cheese toasties, cheese scones, cheese straws, mac cheese, cauliflower cheese, cheese fondue, cheese soup; we could go on all day and we haven’t even started on the sweet stuff.


When we were researching popular cheesy delights we actually spoke to a girl who was allergic to cheese (poor girl!) but she loved it so much that she still ate it and took allergy tablets straight after; now that is commitment to the cheese, respect.

So as you may have gathered by now, we love cheese. We think everyone should pay homage to the fromage and dose up on their calcium intake. It’s versatile, and so are we. So, if you have an event coming up, lets chat cheese

Meet the cheesy team

Stinky Vintage was set up to get more out of do something we love and spend more time with the people who matter. Family is what Stinky Vintage is all about; we’re a two family business with family values.

So, as always the brains behind the business are the women! We have Jo aka The Big Cheese (the small blonde one), she's the organised one, the party planner, the people person, the diplomat, the negotiator, and of course; the cheese obsessive. Her cheese of choice is a good stinky stilton. Her partner in crime is Farah aka Comander-in-Cheese, the ideas one – the marketer, the experimenter, the vision, the creative flair, the interior designer, and obviously; the cheese obsessive. Her cheese of choice is halloumi, the squeaky greeky.

Then we have the much needed support team. Tony, the practical one – the detail neurotic, the spreadsheet lover, the talker, the over excited taste tester. And Alex, the quirky one – the chilled out thinker, the researcher, the one with the words, the unfussy taste tester. And, as every good team needs, we have the cheerleaders, otherwise known as the stinkettes. Kai, Ella, Mia and Ettie, who has got the milk part nailed but is still working on her cheesy taste buds! Together we make Stinky Vintage - the cheese loving loons. 

It's a family thing
Take it cheesy