Ding Dong
cheese cake

Time to celebrate

Your wedding is a big deal... whether it’s a family affair or a monster bash, it’s your day and it should be just how you like it. Trying to satisfy everyone’s tastes is tricky, but if you’re looking for a wedding reception menu that can’t fail look no further.

Get things started with a selection of cheesy canapes, maybe something like cream cheese, avocado and sweet chilli crostini, asparagus and brie bundles, halloumi wrapped in parma ham, smoked salmon, cream cheese & dill blinis. Then what could be better after a day of partying than a hot fresh cheese toasty? Or a whole cake made of cheese served up with all the trimmings? How about a hot halloumi and sweet chilli bap...now you’re talking!  

Although we are all about the cheese, it's also important to us that the poor unfortunates of the world who haven’t evolved their taste buds enough to enjoy cheese or, even worse, may even be allergic to it, are catered for. For these folks, we will be happy to take off our stinky trousers and try on something new and non-dairy based.

On top of a tantilising menu of cheesy treats don't forget you also get Betsy to brighten your day. Betsy accompanies us to every event creating a vibrant and fun focal point, she never fails to get an ooohhh and an aaahhhh wherever she goes and is brilliant for some quirky photo opportiunities. If you want to know more about our custom wedding offerings just give us a shout.

Knees up!

Wow your guests

The vows have been read, love has been declared, the formalities are done. Your guests have been treated to a wedding breakfast, sat at the table and made polite conversation, but when the sun goes down and the band starts up it's time to kick off those heels, let down that neatly pinned hair and have some fun. Cue the Stinky style of celebrating. 

We're not going to get in the way of your party, we're going to keep it going. We're not going to restrict your evening buffet to a 30 minute slot, we're going to be there for the duration serving your guests delicious hot food when they want it. When they are ready to re-fuel, we'll be ready to serve, when they need some late night food to soak up all that wine, we can help. We've been there, we know how important it is and we know how to make your evening reception a night to remember (or not depending on how much wine has been consumed).

So, the food. Well, where do we start? Toasties. Grilled cheese sandwiches with endless options of fillings: meaty, spicy, stinky, simple; but all hot, all melted and all delicious. We offer a wide range of options, check out grubs up, or we can create your own bespoke filling for your speical day and even name it after you. And if toasties don't do it for you how about a warm cheese and bacon croissant, grilled halloumi in a crusty baguette, sausage and parmesan rolls or cheese scones? 

We will work with you to provide the perfect menu and atmosphere for your evening reception. Our events menu is now available, so just get in touch and we can talk cheese.


Stinky Sample Menu

Cheesy Choice

Toast the Cheese with Puckett's Pickle - A house blend of 3 rich, gooey cheese's melted to perfection with a generous layer of Yorkshire's own Puckett's Pickle Spiced Tomato Chutney 

Brie Together 4Eva - Using what's known as "The Queen of Cheese's" with generous helping of crispy Yorkshire bacon partnered with a dollop of Yorkshire's own Puckett's Pickle Chilli Chutney 

Smooth Talker - Smothered in a smooth creamy goats cheese, topped with sweet - tart Sun-dried tomatoes accompanied with a squeeze of homemade piquant Pesto 

Vegan Bride - Calling all vegans out there, a house blend of vegan cheese's topped with Funghi's (Mushrooms) 

Raclette Tonight - Traditionally grilled bubbling Raclette cheese, served over potatoes with a side of pickles, add some Chorizo to spice it up. 

Sweet Delights  

Nuts About You - Lashings of Nutella, coupled with layers of gooey, sticky, sweet Marshmellows 

Game, Set, Match - Plump, fresh, sweet Strawberries laid inbetween layers of soft Cream Cheese

Match Made in Heaven - Nutty, sweet and creamy peanut butter together with the tart flavours of Strawberry Jam 

The Extra's - All our toasties come with our homemade slaw and a bistro side salad, if you would like to add some Dirty Fries or Halloumi Sticks with a Chilli Chutney just ask, we will always try to say "I DO".


we love a good party

Let us help take the stresses and strains out of organising any event, whether a quirky corporate affair, a big birthday bash, or a good old local community event. Just give us a few guidelines and we will come up with a tailor-made menu that fits every aspect of your day.

As you know we love cheese, but we understand everyone’s different and we’re happy to mix it up. We can conjure up a range of canapés, add some sweetness to an afternoon tea (but don’t think that won’t include a cheese sarnie and cheese scone!). We’ll work with you to make your munchies funky and ensure that the crudités rule the day.

We love Betsy just as she is, but she does love to get dressed up, particularly for a special occasion! Feel free to discuss your colour scheme, theme or ideas with us to make Betsy a real talking point for any event.

Want to bring the stinky brand of partying to your event, wedding, or special day? Let’s chat